Y.G (Student Staff Leader)

There are four main campuses in Waseda University; Waseda, Toyama, Nishi-Waseda and Tokorozawa. Waseda and Toyama campus are close to each other and has the  largest number of Waseda students. Nishi-Waseda campus is 20 minutes walk from the Waseda campus or 15 minutes by the campus bus. Tokorozawa campus is further away, which takes an hour on train. Of course, I am not here to give you the basic information that you can find it easily on the official website. I am not sure how much you know about Nishi-Waseda campus, but as an engineering student, I want to share some of my daily life at Nishi-Waseda campus, where I spend half of my student life on.

To be honest, if I am not working at the ICC, I will just come to Waseda Campus once a week, or maybe once a month. Even though it is not far away, it is still time-consuming for waiting for a bus and taking a bus.

Daily life at Nishi-Waseda campus is quite different from that in Waseda campus. It is peaceful at most of the time. Students are walking through the garden for taking the class or the lunch, but  there is noo performance by circles which usually happens in front of Building 3 at Waseda campus. Also there are not many students as in Waseda campus, so it is quite calm. Sometimes I am really jealous of  students at Waseda campus because they have a more lively campus.

Night view of the middle court at Nishi-Waseda campus

However, there are also many appealing and special points of Nishi-Waseda campus which I really like. This campus really looks like a factory, as an engineering and science campus. There are buildings in grey filled with the smell of gasoline and the sound of engines sometimes, and also the ceiling with cables crossing. All of these cheer me up, as an engineer student. “It is so cool!” I said it many times in my mind. Moreover, all the buildings at Nishi-Waseda campus are connected together. You can walk from a corner of the campus to another corner without getting out of the buildings. It is like a maze and probably you might get lost, and so did I.

Bridge connects building 51, 57 and 58

There is a lovely robot exhibited every day at Building 63, Nishi-Waseda. It is one of the famous robots built by Waseda University. It is clever and can even play the piano.

Robot pianist exhibited at building 63

Toyama campus has Starbucks on-campus, and on the other hand Nishi-Waseda campus has Tully’s Coffee on-campus. You can have a really nice street view if you take a seat here.

Tully’s Coffee near Meiji gate of Nishi-Waseda campus

Also, there is another reason I prefer Nishi-Waseda campus sometime is Nishi-Waseda metro station. It is convenience to take Fukutoshin line here to Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and even Yokohama rather than Waseda station where you need to go to Takadanobaba station for transferring first.

Nishi-waseda Metro station of Fukutoshin line

Waseda campus has Wase-meshi around it and you will have many options for your lunch. But Nishiwaseda doesn’t have it. There are just few restaurants around the campus. Or you can go to Takadanobaba Station for more delicious food with 15 minutes walk. But we have restaurant cars, saving my grumbling stomach in a way. (However, I still prefer Wase-meshi)

Restaurant car near Building 63

That is Nishi-Waseda campus, and my life in Nishi-Waseda campus. Although I love the environment and wase-meshi at Waseda campus, I also love the Nish-Waseda campus which has special meaning to me. I hope you have more interests in Nishi-Waseda campus after  reading this blog, and visit there to have a look someday. For your information, here is the link of the Nishi-Waseda campus tour. It would be a good chance to know this campus deeply rather than aimlessly wandering by yourself. By the way, I got a lovely Waseda mechanical pencil as a present when I joined the campus tour last time.
Campus Tour

The picture of Photo Scavenger Hunt at Nishi-Waseda Campus on 29th March