Many of the ICC’s events are held successfully thanks to the volunteer students called “supporters”.
On December 18, 2018 we held an ICC Thank You Party to express our appreciation to the supporters who helped with our events during this semester. Below is the speech made by one of the ICC student staff at the end of the party.

ICC will call for supporters for various events again in the spring semester.
We hope you come and join us as supporters!

Hello guys and thank you very much for coming to our ICC Supporters Party.

We at the ICC are feeling very happy to see so many familiar faces reunited at once today.

I myself first engaged with the ICC as a Supporter like you all and have started performing as a Student Staff in my first semester of my second year. Although there have been peaks and troughs I have truly been able to enjoy my time and the memories created in this place.

You may have heard on the news about the new Immigration Act reform, the slow stage of globalization Japan is placed in compared to other countries or even the hardships people in Japan and people who are not from Japan are facing. Let’s be honest, Japan still has a myriad of challenges to clear ahead in order to fully globalize.

The first step to make this a reality is through first listening, then learning, interacting and ultimately understanding about the countless and diverse ways of living, traditions, religions and cultures that coexist together.

At the ICC we do not simply organize events but we use events as a tool to promote multicultural understanding and diversity on campus through activities and events that help listen, help learn, help interact and help understand.

Every time I plan an event at the ICC I bear this mission on mind and aim to generate change starting from the grassroots level of university to exert a ripple effect that goes upstream into our society.

Achieving our mission will not be possible without the passionate collaboration of our ultimate partners who are you all, our Supporters.

During the people bingo I had the chance to speak with people who thought they helped in just a small event such as a lunch event or a very casual one like the sports events.

But today I would like to make use of this opportunity to tell you that it is not about the events, but it is about the fundamental role that only you guys are playing. You are an important part of the puzzle and without you, the ICC is incomplete and it will be difficult to achieve our mission to promote multicultural understanding and diversity to generate great changes in society.

So today, I would like to express my sincere thanks on behalf of all the Student Staffs for all your support this semester and I hope we can count on you to join us on our mission as ultimate partners, from next semester as well.

Thank you very much!

T. I. (Student Staff Leader)