Meeting familiar signs, music and smells while walking the streets of Shin Okubo, I thought that I am back in the early 2000s of Korea. I have been to Korea Town in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Vietnam. However, the one in Tokyo is the most developed one throughout the world featuring the representative culture of Korea.

When Japanese think of Korean culture, the first to come out will be K-pop, delicious food and cosmetics. Today, I would like to explain the most satisfying places I have experienced in Shin Okubo as a Korean perspective.


First of all, the 韓国広場(kankoku hiroba), a Grocery store,  has almost everything you are looking for! Also, the price of the products are not that expensive compared to the same product’s price of Seoul. My recommendation from this supermarket is black bean soy milk. This can be a great alternative for breakfast especially if you have a lot of 1st period classes.

Next, the place where I want to introduce is ‘SKINGARDEN’. This shop is specializes in selling cosmetics for skin care products. There is not only one brand but also various brands to compare and choose for the best one for individual skin types. Since there are many reasonable Korean cosmetics, please do try!

More and more people around the world are having an interest in Korean culture due to K-drama and K-pop. Fashion, music, lifestyle reflected on K-contents are getting popular day by day. The ICC is also having a Korean lunch during the semester. If you are eager to learn more about Korean culture and practice Korean, please do come and join! If you are Korean, please share your cultural background and support the students who are having an interest in Korea! Looking forward to meeting you guys in the ICC lounge!

H. H. (Student Staff Leader)