Art appreciation has been gaining serious momentum recently. Instagram is probably one of the biggest causes for this momentum, as well as art being included and discussed more sympathetically in various media outlets. This in effect changes the image of going to museum from “boring” to “cool” and/or “cultured”. With Instagram users and the media outlets’ targets mainly are young people, the change can be really felt in this age group. From many arts, arts by Japanese artists have become very popular. Kusama Yayoi is becoming very well-known globally, which in effect also raises the popularity of Japanese modern art. So, since we are in Tokyo right now, and our events also target young people, I thought why not use the opportunity to introduce a tour to one of the best museum in the world, which also houses mainly arts by Japanese artists.


We are lucky to be able to cooperate with the Museum of Modern Art (“MOMAT”) in Tokyo for this tour. Of course this is being public art space; we had to limit the number of the participants as well as held it on a weekday so that we do not disturb other visitors. Nevertheless, it was a fun experience which I dare to say is different from the experience you get if you were to go by yourself.


The participants were divided into 3 groups. The guides were three cool ladies who were very nice as well. Each group gets to see different set of 3 artworks selected by the Museum. The participants exchanged their opinions, what they feel, etc. towards the artworks. It was awkward at first, but it seems that they get to open up more and more, and ended up learning and laughing together. I cannot be happier to see that the idea behind the event can be realized at the end. I look forward to make another art-related event again soon.






M. I. (ICC 学生スタッフ)