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Part 3


Lastly, let’s dive into the world of food! In Japan, as the season change into autumn,
you can find the slogan “Appetizing Autumn” in many supermarkets and restaurants.
This powerful slogan works wonders, and it’s no surprise coming from a country where
products sales are so competitive that shops have developed countless ways to hook the
interests of consumers. It is indeed rather persuasive. We know you like good food all
year round, but not it’s “Appetizing Autumn”, so why not indulge a little more?
Then the next thing you know, that extra box of persimmons and 1kg of ground beef which
you didn’t plan on buying became logical purchases. Since the ancient times, autumn
has always been the season of harvest and prosperity, and in an island country like Japan,
autumn is also the best season to enjoy a fine fatty meal of Pacific saury and oysters.
The word “seasonal” has a great impact on Japanese lifestyle. Everything has its’
seasons, and the people who follow the flow of seasons and reap the right fruits at the
right times are guaranteed to receive great results. So far in my opinion, this way of
life has indeed brought upon people all kinds of joy. Since this concept of seasonal
ingredients work so well, it is no wonder that from set menus in restaurants to the
snacks on promotion in convenience stores, one can always catch a glimpse of the realistic
forms of seasons everywhere in Japan. The persimmons in autumn are juicy, sweet and
delightful. Apart from the fresh persimmons, dried persimmons can also be seen selling
right next to its’ fresh buddies. Dried persimmons have a chewy texture that will surely
be an interesting snacking experience for those who have never tried it before. To me,
sweet dried persimmons also taste like childhood, it’s not really a fancy snack, and yet
it has the taste of nostalgia that just can’t be replaced. Meal-wise, crispy fried oysters
with a crunch and the grilled pacific saury with a taste of sea breeze are both basic
members in many restaurants. Speaking of the Pacific Saury, actually, apart from enjoying
it grilled, eating it sashimi-style is also quite the luxury. Grilled pacific saury
smells divine, with a hint of saltiness. The crispy fish skin and metallic glaze is
unique to the fish itself. The yummy combo of fatty fish oil and lean fish meat is
something I can never get enough of. On the other hand, the crunchy fried oyster that
just came out of the bubbling hot oil should be eaten right away. Some of the oysters
are too big to fit in your mouth in one bite, so you will just have to eat it patiently
(and reluctantly), bite by bite. That breadcrumb covered juiciness explodes in your
mouth with every crunch, and from that point onwards, your life has been completely changed.
Fried foods are just so straightforwardly awesome. Indulgence of autumn delicacies really
doesn’t get better than this.


In conclusion…It doesn’t matter if a person is now madly in love with autumn because
he/she just had a delicious meal, or if he/she is in agony because an excitable leaf
just flew into his/her mouth a couple of seconds ago, riding with the autumn breeze.
I think we can all agree that in a country like Japan, where autumn exudes such
diverse beauty, it would be a shame if one doesn’t stop and stare for a bit and
enjoy the cool night breeze once in a while. There are limited opportunities for us
to be enlightened and inspired by our natural surroundings, so seize the moment and
don’t let these great things in life pass you by. Ride with the seasons, you will
be just fine-



LL (Student Staff)











LL (Student Staff)