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Part 2


However, the wholesome experience of autumn is definitely not all roses and no thorns.
Life must go on knowing that not every single aspect of autumn is filled with natural
grandeur. For example, it is perfectly normal for you to be blinded by the over-dazzling
glisten of the golden leaves as the autumn sun shines brightly high up in the sky.
If you ever dreamed about eating cute little sandwiches while bathing under the warm
sunlight and feeling that awesome breeze on a slope, be warned that the autumn wind
is no joke. Sometimes the wind is so strong that it’s difficult just to get food
into your mouth without them trying to go with the wind in the process. Look around
you and you shall find gorgeous groups of people in well-designed and tailored coats
running all over the place, trying to catch the small pieces of garbage and plastic
bags which have been blown away by the wind. Upon witnessing this hilarious sight,
do not laugh, please proceed to finding something heavy and put that weight on top
of your own personal belongings and plastic bags, or else I can assure you that you
will be joining those people shortly. Last but not least is that classic romantic
novel scenario, when a piece of falling leaf gently landed on the main characters’
head while the innocent main character remains completely oblivious to his/her
surroundings, giving the supporting character a chance to sweep the main character
off his/her feet by making the gesture of taking the leaf of the head in the most
dreamy way possible. I only have one piece of advice for this case. If falling leaves
really landed on your head, please don’t force yourself to wait until “the one”
appears and pick them off your hair. Hurry up and brush them off yourself and check
if there were any wormy passengers who had just taken the Falling-Leaf Airline on a
trip to your head. That is way more realistic. One last thing, from my personal experience,
although I’ve only been living in Tokyo for a couple of months, so far I’ve been
hit in the face by blown up leaves more times than I am willing to admit.
As I marvel at the wonders of autumn, they are also causing trauma at the same time.
So be safe around nature, okay?


To be continued…


LL (Student Staff)







LL (Student Staff)