Do you own a collection?


From the simplest collection of coins from different countries,
to an extreme collection of delivery pizza boxes from around the world,
many of us keep to ourselves a group of items that we call our “collections”


Some people have collections that they love sharing with the world,
and others have collections that they’ve kept hidden under their beds
for the past ten years or so.


Of course.
I have a collection of sand.
Yup. That’s right. Sand.
Nothing sparkly or shiny, just sand.
“What a boring collection,” one might say.
But what makes them special (at least for me) is that they’re sand from
different beaches around the world.



Here’s how my collection began.


First, I would like to put out the fact that I love the beach.
I love burying my toes in the sand.
I love diving head first into the waves.
I could spend a whole day doing nothing at the beach, regardless of the season.
I truly love the beach.


Every time I visit a beach, I have a hard time going back home at the end of the day.
Leaving the beach is especially tough for me when the beach is in a different country
or somewhere far from home. The thought of not being able to go back to that wonderful
beach for a while crushes something inside of me when I have to go home.


One day, when I was in elementary school, I visited a beach in Hawaii called Kailua and
its beauty made me want to stay there forever. Something about the fine sand
and the laid back atmosphere at Kailua sucked me in and it’s still one of my
favorite beaches that I have ever been to.
But realistically speaking, that isn’t possible and I was hungry after a long day
at the beach. It was time for me to leave.
That’s when I got the idea of scooping a bit of the sand into a glass jar and putting it
up on my shelf at home so I have something to remember the beach.
From that day on, I safely carried home a bit of sand from various beaches that I visit,
stored them into jars, and placed them next to each other on my book shelf.


I currently have 13 jars of sand, all from different beaches. Not only do they differ
in color, but they also differ in texture and fineness.
With these jars, I can clearly remember the wonderful time I had at those beaches.
Not only do they make me want to go back to those beaches, but they also make me want to
travel more to see the different beaches around the world.


Speaking of travelling and collections…Did you know that the ICC has a wonderful
collection of the “地球の歩き方” guide books? We have the whole series here at the ICC lounge!
From, Egypt to Ireland to New York, anyone is free to look through these guide books,
so stop by the lounge when you are planning your next trip abroad.


I’ll definitely be looking through them to plan my next trip.
Now… which beach should I go to next?


HK (Student Staff Leader)