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Hello, Hijab!

Last October, ICC held an event called “Hello, Hijab!” at Okuma Garden House. I was actually not the one who proposed this event. The one who did it was Ade, an Indonesian student of GSAPS. However, even though I was not the one who proposed this event to ICC, I have always wanted to introduce hijab to non-Muslims through fun and interactive event. For that reason, I was so happy when I got assigned as the SSL in charge of this event. This event means a lot to me not just because it is actually the first event that I organized in ICC, but also because through this event, I can fulfill my duty as a Muslim to introduce our religion’s custom.
The purpose of this event was not merely to introduce hijab, but to let the public, specifically students of Waseda University know that Islam is not a religion filled by pathetic extremist like what the media says, and hijab is not limited to black and white. As we all know, there were many attacks allegedly done by ISIS, a group of Islamic extremist. Along with that, there has been a lot of discrimination targeting Muslims all over the world. That is why I wanted to give Waseda students the opportunity to interact with Muslims from different countries and give other Muslims the opportunity to show that Islam is actually a really peaceful religion.

One of the hardest parts of organizing this event was gathering Muslim supporters. At first, we tried to recruit Waseda students through ICC’s mailing news. Little did we know that there are not that many Muslim women who are wearing hijab in Waseda. We received few replies from male Muslims who helped us spread the news about this event outside of Waseda to find supporters.

To make their task easier, I decided to create a poster for recruitment and asked them to put it in mosques and other places. It took some time and a lot of patience, but long story short, we managed to gather 13 supporters. Since most of our supporters are not from Waseda, it was difficult to hold a meeting where everyone could participate. Consequently, the meeting was held pretty late. But, thankfully, all of our lovely supporters were so enthusiastic and cooperative.

On the day of the event, I was pretty nervous. However, looking at my supportive teammates and cheerful supporters, I felt a bit relieved and grateful that I had the chance to do this event with these people. The event went pretty smoothly without any major problem. During the first session of the event, which was presentation about hijab, Ade-san introduced about hijab a little. Since the purpose of this event was not to give formal education about hijab, she tried to make it as enjoyable to listen to as possible so the participants could comprehend the content easily.

The next session was the tutorial session. During the tutorial and tryout session, the participants all seemed very enthusiastic. They walked around looking at different scarfs that was exhibited and picked their favorites to try on. The supporters were also very kind and friendly to the participants. They all patiently helped the participants to put on hijab while making conversations. Some people even took pictures with each other, filling the room with smiles and laughter.

After the tutorial, the next agenda was the fashion show. We had a lot of difficulties convincing people to join the fashion show because most people were too shy and they thought it would be like one of those fashion shows in fashion events. After failing a few times, 7 lovely girls were willing to be the model for the fashion show. Each of them wore clothes in different theme that show how do Muslim women mix and match their outfits. From the ICC, Kawaguchi-san, which is another person that was in charge of helping the event, and I also did the fashion show. When the models walked the mini runway, the participants seemed very interested; some of them even took pictures and videos.

The last session of the event was café time. During this session, we gave the participants and the supporters more time to interact with each other while drinking and eating snacks provided. We also received snacks for café time from a company called “Osama Rice Cracker” that kindly supported ICC’s event for the second time. Looking at these people who did not know each other interacting enthusiastically somehow made my heart felt warm and my chest was bursting with happiness.

N.M (Student Staff Leader)

Have a Glimpse of Thai in Tokyo

I was born and raised in Indonesia. However, ever since coming to Japan, instead of going to Indonesian restaurant, Thai restaurant is actually the place that I’ve visited the most and will keep on visiting.
When I was in Indonesia, the only Thai food that I know was Tom Yam Kung. For those of you who do not know, Tom Yam Kung is a spicy seafood soup. Please note that what I mean by spicy is like, really spicy, especially for people who is not used to spicy foods. Apart from Tom Yam Kung, I know nothing about Thai food. I was not even interested to try.
However, everything changed after I got close with a Thai girl. She shares the same hobby with me; eating. Whenever we’re bored, we’d open Instagram and watch food porn. Who else does the same thing? Don’t be ashamed and raise your hand high!
One day, we were too hungry and couldn’t stand watching videos of foods anymore. An impromptu visit to a nearby Thai restaurant was the result, which then became our favorite Thai restaurant and our go-to place whenever we miss each other.
The restaurant is called “Baitong”. This restaurant is not one of those famous restaurants that gets high ranking on TripAdvisor, Taberogu, etc. But, I can promise you this restaurant won’t let you down. The owner of the restaurant is a really nice and honest old lady from Thai who has been living in Japan for so many years.
This place opens from Monday to Saturday. I prefer to go to this place during dinner time because the restaurant offers more interesting Thai foods. However, during lunch time, they also offer set menus that are worth to try.

Since it is really hard to pick just one favorite menu from this place, I’ll share my top 7 picks.

  1. Pad Thai
    The first one is their Pad Thai;   a really famous Thai street food. It is a stir-fried rice noodle mixed with eggs, vegetables, and seafood. The Pad Thai in this place is out of this world. Even my Thai friend said that although she lived in Thai for so many years, the best Pad Thai she’d ever had was the one from Baitong. One extra tip: Add chili oil for more intense kick and thank me later!
  2. Tom Yam Kung
    What do you call a Thai restaurant without a delicious Tom Yam Kung?
    See why it is in one of my top picks? Just looking at it makes my mouth water. This is the best food to have for when the weather is cold or anytime you’re craving for spicy soup. This place serves their Tom Yam Kung in a little clay pot. Cute, isn’t it?
  3. Nua Rad Sauce Dang
    This dish tastes quite different from other Thai foods because it is neither spicy nor tangy. However, let me warn you; the sauce is addicting. Like, really. It is a red wine sauce that compliments the beef so well. The texture of the beef is also juicy and very easy to munch on.
  4. Som Tam (Green Papaya Salad)
    For those of you who are concerned with health and have little to no tolerance for oily foods, Som Tum is for you. It is a green papaya salad with a lot of flavor; tangy, spicy, salty, even a bit sweet if your tongue is sensitive enough to notice.
  5. Pla Rad Prick
    Don’t get fooled by the pics. This dish may look small, but it is actually big enough to feed two hungry people. It is a deep fried fish topped with sweet and sour sauce with a generous amount of pineapples! Sounds legit, right?
  6. Kanom Mo Gang   
    Baitong only serves few desserts and this one is my favorite. It is not something that you can easily find. It tastes like pumpkin cake. What is unique is they put fried onions on top of it. However, trust me, you won’t smell the onion. It just tastes all wonderful and sweet.
  7. Thai Milk Tea
    Last but not least: Thai milk tea!
    Fun fact: This drink is actually not in the menu, so try asking the owner for it and taste it yourself!

Here is the address of the restaurant if you’re interested:
【English】3-39-15 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo-to 〒150-0002

Give it a try and join the addicted-to-Thai-foods club with me!

N.M (Student Staff Leader)










そして、もう一つこのボランティアで大事なことを学びました。それは、リーダーシップを発揮することの難しさと大切さです。今回、私は自ら志願して10人チーム(お互い寄せ集めの知らない人同士のチーム)のリーダーをさせていただきました。そもそもボランティア初体験でしたので、右も左も分からず、つい自分のことで精一杯になっていました。それでも、チーム全員が道具集め、作業の確認、事後報告など、本来リーダーの仕事を僕に丁寧に説明しながら手伝ってくれました。特に、このような災害地域では一人一人が危機意識を持ち、全員が自分のすべきことを考えながら動くことが大事です。誰がリーダーであるということは関係ありません。受け身の姿勢でいるのではなく、一人ひとりが主体性を持って行動することが大事です。このことは私たちの日常生活にも言えることではないでしょうか。皆さんは、少なくとも何らかのスポーツやサークル、ゼミなどの組織に所属していると思います。あなたはリーダーの指示待ちの状態にはなっていないでしょうか?誰かがしてくれるかな、と人任せになってはいないでしょうか? 私は、一人一人が主体的に行動する重要さを、身を持って体感しました。簡単なことではないですが、そのような人が多いほどその組織は強力なものになると思います。



5 Autumn Leaves Viewing Spots in Tokyo and Around Tokyo

Hello everyone! This is A.B. reporting, ICC student staff who loves traveling and taking photos! Autumn is my favorite season because of the following three reasons: I was born during October, it is neither too cold nor too hot and I love autumn leaves. Autumn is very beautiful in my home country as well but what we don’t have compared to the Japanese autumn are maple leaves or temples and shrines. Japanese shrines with their red torii match so well with the red maple leaves, don’t you think so?

I am writing this post to introduce 5 places where you can admire the beautiful autumn leaves in Tokyo and not so far from Tokyo. Taking long walks in the nature and admiring the colorful leaves, from yellow to orange and red leaves, is one of my favorite activities these days. I hope I can convince you to visit at least one of the places below, if you haven’t already.



1. Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden 新宿御苑

One of my favorite places in Shinjuku and maybe in Tokyo in general. It is truly an oasis of serenity in the middle of the busy Shinjuku area. And besides the beautiful red maple leaves, around this time you can also find a special kind of cherry blossom tree there, the fuyuzakura 冬桜(winter cherry blossom) that blooms when it’s cold (hence the name).

Shinjuku Gyoen is also beautifully illustrated in the animation movie Kotonoha no Niwa 言の葉の庭 by director Makoto Shinkai, who also directed the famous movie Kimi no na wa 君の名は. I recommend them both for the beautiful animation style and interesting plots.

2. Rikugien Garden 六義園

Another wonderful garden in central Tokyo, where you can enjoy a few moments of peace and escape the busy city life, at least for a little bit. It might be not so well known so when I visited it, it was less crowded than other similar places, which is great if you don’t like super crowded places and are looking for a place to relax. And during the kouyou 紅葉(autumn leaves) season, they also have a special light up (illumination) session, that will last from November 17th to December 9th this year so don’t miss it!

3. Showa Kinen Park 国営昭和記念公園

A bit further away from central Tokyo, located in Tachikawa, Showa Kinen Park is a huge park where you can easily spend a whole day doing outdoor activities, having a picnic or just taking a stroll around. I visited it during all seasons because there is always something to see there (for example poppies and hydrangeas in summer, tulips and cherry blossoms in spring and so on). During autumn, there is a beautiful alley of ichou イチョウ trees (that you might have already seen inside the Waseda campus), and a vibrant yellow tunnel is formed. You can really feel autumn by walking under this tunnel. And not far from this park, there is an Ikea store with a great restaurant inside, so you might as well consider going there for a yummy lunch.

4. Okutama 奥多摩

Although Okutama is still considered part of Tokyo, it actually takes about 2 hours by train from central Tokyo and it feels so different. It is a mountainous district with rich nature, a perfect place for hiking. The hiking trail called Okutama Mukashimichi 奥多摩むかし道or Old Road of Okutama offers spectacular views of the valley framed by the beautiful autumn leaves. At the end of this hiking trail, you can find Okutama Lake. From there, it is a good idea to take the bus back to Okutama station and end the day with a dip in Moeginoyu Onsen もえぎの湯, hot spring which is believed to have a soothing effect. Onsen after a long and a bit chilly hike in the mountains is a great way to end the day.

5. Arakurayama Sengen Park 新倉山浅間公園

You might have seen the iconic postcard-like image of Japan with a red pagoda and Mt. Fuji behind. That is Chureito Pagoda and can be found in Arakurayama Sengen Park in Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Prefecture. It takes 2 hours by bus from Shinjuku but it is definitely worth the long trip.

You can get this amazing view if you are lucky to go when it’s clear and Mt. Fuji is not hidden behind the clouds. Unfortunately, I visited during a rainy day so there was no sign of Mt. Fuji. However, the landscape was still beautiful and the autumn leaves there were gorgeous. I really recommend going there during autumn or spring.



So this is it, my 5 places to go for autumn leaves viewing in Tokyo and around Tokyo. I hope you liked this article and let us know if you have any recommendations as well by dropping by the ICC lounge whenever you want 🙂 Thank you for reading!

A.B (Student Staff)







― 登山 ―

私が登ったマーディヒマールというコースは一週間かけて標高3700mのハイキャンプをめざし、ネパールで神秘的とされている有名な山マチャプチャレを眺めることができるというコースでした。マチャプチャレというのは写真でもお分かりいただける通り、魚の尾という意味だそうです。世界で13番目に美しい山らしいです。← 後から知りました!


― ネパール文化 ―






ICC Event Report: Tea Party

On September 19th, “ICC Tea Party” was held at the ICC (Intercultural Communication Center) lounge as the first event of the fall semester, and it was also my first event as a Student Staff Leader in the ICC.

When I was studying abroad in the UK, I quite enjoyed the English Breakfast tea and Earl Grey tea there and preferred to take it with milk. Also, when I did  volunteering in Nepal, I learned more about the tea culture there. Nepali tea has a spicy flavor, which I think is quite unique. After I came back to China, I did a part-time job in a tea shop, learned more about  tea culture, how to brew different kinds of tea, how to taste the tea, and got more interested . Based on these experiences, I came up with an idea  to provide a platform for students from all over the world to know more about tea culture in different countries, and also share my experiences.

ICC is an international place with staff from different countries. With the help of my colleagues, Thais, Ana, Minami, Eunwoo and Ms. Nakamura, we decided to arrange an event to let ICC staff introduce the tea culture in their own country. To create a lovely tea party atmosphere, we decorated the ICC lounge. We also prepared the tea that I  mentioned in the introduction, so that the participants could taste the tea by themselves.

Picture 1: The preparations before the start of the Tea Party

Picture 2: The special tea prepared for the Tea Party

At around 3 o’clock, there were many students arriving at the ICC lounge, sitting down and chatting with each other, and we also provided the special tea to them. Before the Tea Party started, the ICC lounge was so crowded with people that some people had to stand without chairs. It really surprised me because I never thought that there would be so many people for my event.

Picture 3: ICC Student staff introduces tea culture

For the main contents of the Tea Party, we briefly introduced the tea culture of Brazil, China, Romania, Japan, and Korea one by one, which included the basic information of different tea, its origins, taste, color, how to brew it, its function and so on. We were not professional instructors, but could let participants know more about tea from different viewpoints.

During the Café Free Talk session, the participants tried different kind of teas, and also asked me which for my recommendations. I also talked with an Indian student about the tea culture in India and Nepal. In addition, because it was the start of the fall semester, most of the participants were new students, who want to make more new friends. So I am really glad that I was able to provide a platform to let everyone have more friends here.

Lastly, thanks to all the staff in the ICC who supported me for the Tea Party, and the participants who encouraged me during the event. The fall semester has just begun and there are many more wonderful events and programs arranged by the ICC coming up. I am looking forward to seeing you all once again in the ICC. Hope you enjoy your life here at Waseda University.

Y.G (Student Staff Leader)


こんにちは。今年の春から新しく ICC の学生スタッフとして働いている N,Yです。

突然ですが、皆さんは純度 100%の真っ暗闇を体験したことがありますか?スマホなどの電化製品に囲まれて暮らしている私たちは、おそらく、よほど特殊な環境に身を置かない限り、本当の真っ暗闇を体験することはないと思います。真っ暗というと小学校のキャンプでよくやる肝試しなどを思い出した人もいるかもしれませんが(私も小学校の頃やりました)、あれも月や星の光があるので正確には完全な暗闇とは言えません。

そのように考えると、私は「ダイアログ・イン・ザ・ダーク」に出会うまで、純度 100%の真っ暗闇を体験したことは 1回もありませんでした。それ故、そこで体験した本当の真っ暗闇は私の予想を軽く超え、その記憶は今も脳に深く焼き付いています。









暗闇のあたたかさ。                (http://www.dialoginthedark.com/did/






私の頭のなかの「暗闇のあたたかさ」という言葉は一瞬で吹っ飛び、その恐ろしさに思わず腰が引けてしまいました。暗闇に入ることを承知で申し込んだのに、本当に怖かったです。光が完全に遮断された真っ暗闇では目を見開いているにも関わらず、目の 1cm 前に手を持ってきて動かしてみても全く見えません。本当に自分が失明したかのような錯覚に陥ります。また、普通の暗闇では目の順応のおかげで、しばらく時間がたつと目が慣れてきて見えるようになりますが、それも起こることはなく、代わりに聴覚や触覚などの他の感覚が驚くほど鋭敏になってくるのです。個人差はあると思いますが、わたしは自分の心臓の音が聞こえました。

















The New Year I spent in Northeast region of China

Hello everybody. This is the new Student Staff, Y.G, the international student from China. The fall semester has passed for several weeks, how is your new campus life? As for me, I am always looking forward to the holiday during the term time and make a traveling plan beforehand. So have you already decided your plan during the winter break?

Recalling back my winter holiday last year, I went to Snow Town and Snow Valley in Heilongjiang Province in China with my family, and also went to Harbin, for celebrating the New Year.

We went to Harbin at the beginning and visited the Bingxue Big world. Even though the entrance ticket is quite expensive and local people will not go there because of this price, I still think it worth to have a look as a tourist. Also, the architectures here were built by ice and decorated with colorful lights, just like Elsa’s castle in the Frozen.

We also tasted the street foods, Russian Sausage. It is so great to take a warm and delicious when you are walking on the street during the winter. Because Heilongjiang shares a border with Russia, there are many Russian style souvenir shops and Russian food on the streets.

The second destination is Snow Town. It is also one of the famous tourist sites in China during the winter. A specific area in Snow Town is protected, so you can see the houses in there wear a pretty thick “Snow hat”, which is really amazing. However, it is super cold there, maybe around -25 degree. Everyone wears pretty thick jackets, snow boot, glove, mask, hat, and scarf. You would feel your face be frozen if you take off mask and hat outside.


Then we hiked across from Snow Town to Snow Valley, a challenging 15-km walking on the snow, also get the snow view of the Yangcao Mountain. The snow is thick so it is really hard to walk on it. You will drop in the snow sea by accident if you go the wrong way.

The snow valley is smaller than snow town, but you can feel more about the local life here. Because it was around New Year when I went to snow valley, there are bright red lanterns in front of each house, which let you feel really festive, and tell you the New Year is coming soon.

The next destination is Wusong Island. We passed a white birch forest on our  way to Wusong Island, which is my favorite. The forest is so beautiful and peaceful, which makes you forget all the annoying stuff. Also, I really recommend a Chinese song, Birch Forest by Pu Shu, the song I replayed all the time during the journey.

We finally arrived in Wusong Island. Wusong Island is famous for the ice-rimmed tree, which only happens during December to February. The mist from the Songhua River frozen in the bare tree branches and formed a crystal-like ice hanging on the branches. However, it is up to the weather. The weather was not  good when I went there, so I didn’t see such an amazing view. The Wusong Island is super cold! I couldn’t  feel my hands and foot after I stayed outside for 20 minutes. So I have to go to the rest lounge to heat myself. It is the coldest place during this journey. Without this temperature, there would not be this kind of view of the ice-rimmed tree here.

That’s all of this journey! We got lots of fun with snow, snow view, local food and so on. Speaking of food, the volume of local food is super big, and always served in a big iron pot. Even though it might look so-so (my poor photography skill), it is actually delicious! And finally, we finished this pot of stewed chicken by five people.

I live in the middle part of China, the local life, view, and food in northeast part is quite different from where I live. I really enjoyed  experiencing these differences, and also I really recommend you to have a look.


Y.G (Student Staff)















日本人が旅行の際よく使うような、google mapやインスタは中国では使用できません。ただ、VPNを使えば問題ないのでご安心を!普段通りスマホが使えれば、もうこっちのもの。マップに従い街をブラブラ。見るもの食べるものすべてが目新しく、ストーリーをガンガン更新します。そして、買い物のときは「微信支付」というサービスを使い、スマホをかざせば一瞬で会計が終了します。いやー、素晴らしい!







M.Y (学生スタッフ)



ICC「LA在住メイクアップアーティスト×僧侶×LGBTQ」参加者レポート ~ ら し さ ~




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